Sunday, 1 June 2008

Here's my Questionnaire:
Part One: Crafting

Do you knit, crochet, or both? Knit

What do you like to make? Fun, quirky things that are small and quite quick.

Do you have a favourite project? Not yet.

Do you have a favourite type of fiber or brand of yarn? Soft or chunky wools.

Do you have a least favourite type of yarn? Scratchy ones like tweeds.

Do you do any other crafts? Sewing, painting.

Do you knit in public? If so where do you like knitting and what is your "portable" project? Yeah, I'll happily knit whatever I'm currently doing on the train because I mostly do small things.

What do you carry your "portable" knitting in? A plastic bag, though I've lost a needle through a hole before : (

Are there any knitting gifts (book, toy, yarn, item, tool) that you have been lusting over? Knitknit and Twinkle's Big City Knits are on my amazon wish list so I might get them if I win some cash soon. Alpaca yarn too.

Part Two: Your Favourites
What is your favourite colour? Blue probably but I wear a lot of red,and purple.

What is your least favourite colour? OrangeWhat scents/smells do you like?

What don’t you like? I don't like aniseedy or chemically scents. I love fresh, natural, sweet smells, vanilla, coconut, watermelon.

How do you like to pamper yourself? (bubble bath, hand creams, massage, manicure) I love a full body massage or I'll have a night in with a face mask, a good film, some dark choc, paint my toenails, shave my legs; do the works.

What goodies to you like to eat? (chocolate, biscuits, sweets,crisps etc) I have more than one sweet tooth, anything a bit childish like pick 'n' mix sweeties.

Do you prefer tea or coffee while you knit? Any particular kind? I am a tea fiend and have a cupboard full of teabags and loose teas. Earl grey with vanilla or chai are my faves.

Do you listen to/watch anything while you knit? I listen to Radio 2 most of the time but usually knit whilst watching programmes such as Countryfile, Six feet under and The Mighty Boosh. I hate soaps and "talent show" programmes.

Part Three: About you, Living & Past-times

If you were a specific kind of yarn, which brand and kind of yarn would you be? Hmm probably a scruffy, second hand bundle of carefully wound, organically reared sheep's wool with a sparkly thread running through it.

Where do you live in the UK? Bristol

Have you always lived here, or did you grow up somewhere else? I grew up in a small Wiltshire town near Bath and lived in Cheltenham for three years before coming to uni in Bristol.

What is your favourite place in the UK? The beautiful city of Bath.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? I'd like to go to Japan one day.

What other hobbies do you have? I'm a season ticket holder at Bath Rugby, I'm learning French, I love world cinema, going to festivals in the summer and I like to go to live music gigs often whether it be rock, jazz, folk or world music. I also like to cook good food, enjoy baking and usually go out dancing with friends once a week. I cycle everywhere on my vintage, red, Yugoslavian bike.

Part Four: The Theme:

This photo is of a paper sculpture by Su Blackwell. This particular one is of the tea party in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (my favourite book). Her pieces bridge the gap between art and craft and the delicate, feminine aesthetic is so beautiful.

Final Part:

Any allergies/preferences (fiber-wise or treat-wise)? Nope.

Anything we missed that you’d like your partner to know? I have dreadlocks so please don't send me any shampoos, hair masks or brushes. Oh and I'm studying a degree in Fine Art.

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