Monday, 30 June 2008

question of the week 3!

from kingofthefrogs

hmm i just realised that my spoiler knows this already but hey!

Is there a TV programme you watch religiously?
several! namely doctor who, heroes and at the moment battlestar galactica on DVD. yep it is possible to watch a DVD religiously!

What TV programme(s) do you avoid like the plague?
soaps. most reality tv although i do like Top Model! its a guilty pleasure!

Is there a TV programme that you find works particularly well for knitting along to?
hmmm well i have to be selective in my telly knitting to make sure its nothing too complicated, so i can usually watch most things. although my bloke likes formula one and that doesn't work too well as you have to be watching all the time. but i seem to manage pretty well with the sci fi!

What was/is your favourite kids TV programme?
from my childhood, captain scarlet was a biggie. stoppit and tidy up, the demon headmaster! erm i'm sure i'm missing something big, i'll probably remember and have to come and add it!

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