Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Vee's Handmade Item Swap Questionnaire.

What kind of items are you interested in receiving?
Socks, gloves, legwarmers, a muff. Anything is good though I have dreads so a hat would have to be pretty big.
Do you knit, crochet, or both?
What is your favourite colour?
I like blues, reds, purples, greens-but not all at once.
What is your least favourite colour?
What’s your style? (elegant, traditional, glamourous, girly, natural, sporty, outgoing, etc.)
Bit of a hippy, tend to be a mixture of fun but functional and always stripey.
Do you have a favourite type of fiber or brand of yarn?
Alpaca or anything super soft.
Do you have a least favourite type of yarn?
Not really an eyelash or glittery fan.
Do you do any other crafts?
I do a bit of sewing and making odd presents here and there.
Are there any knitting accessories you are interested in receiving?
I still have gaps in my collection of needles...
What do you like to eat?
Dark choc is my main vice but I do love pic 'n' mix sweeties.
Any allergies/preferences (fiber-wise or treat-wise)?
No not really. Though I'm still boycotting Cadbury's for closing their Keynsham factory.
Anything we missed that you’d like your partner to know?
Umm I don't think so but they can email me any other questions.

Yaaaaaay! Swap on.

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