Saturday, 2 August 2008

My package arrived!

by kingofthefrogs

it was an exciting moment, coming downstairs this morning to find my package waiting for me! My mum and sister watched in bemusement as I photographed it and then unwrapped all the little parcels inside! Once I was done it looked like this:

There were lots of lovely goodies inside, based off my picture being of the sea, and very cleverly, my posts on ravelry boards!
Fibre-wise there was a skein of Cherry Hill sock yarn, in a lovely bluey greeney colourway, some sari silk threads for spinning, and a bundle of combed merino tops in sea green and turqoise with a sandy colour in there too! very sea-y! There was also a book of crochet hat patterns and two sets of gorgeous ceramic buttons - one with tall sailing ships on (i'm going sailing on a tall ship next week!) and one with seahorses on :-)
Then came the treats! A "Big Blue" bath ballistic from Lush - it has sea salt and seaweed in it! Some posh chocolate with orangey bits in, as well as a chocolate orange and some mini chocolate bars and gummy sweets :-D
And the bit that made me giggle: a Dr. Who shiny pencil case with a Dalek on it!! Inside that is a Dr. Who pen and pencil, a ruler that says EXTERMINATE on it, and a rubber with the face of Dalek Sek on it. Over the course of the swap Tiggerbee and me were exchanging emails on the various developments in the sci fi programmes we watch, so this will be a lovely reminder of my swap pal, as well as being a handy thing to take to lectures!

Yaay! Thanks again Tiggerbee, I'll definitely be participating in a swap in the future! Now I just have to finish off my package and sent it :-)

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RooKnits said...

What a wonderful and well thought our parcel! Fab stuff.